Pre-preg Impregnation of many types of fabrics, cotton, glass, polyester, carbon and aramid fibers. All the fabrics can be pre-impregnated with epoxy or phenolic resin. Our resin's formulations are projected to meet customers demands!

Pressed sheets and plates For mechanical or dielectrical use; we produce pressed sheets from 0,2 to 100 mm thick; laminat's size is 1230x2030 mm and very soon It will be available also the new size 1230x2500 mm.

Glass Grid for Cast Resin Transformers Glass mesh fabric with cured modified epoxy resin impregnation. With a special cure of the producte our glass mesh is in H class, thermal resistence is over 200°C and it can be used in F1 class transformer.

Mesh for structural applications Mesh fabrics produced with glass, carbon or aramid fibers are impregnated with modified epoxy resin; they can be used for many purposes such as civil structures.

Resins and Special Formulations With modern reactors and mixers we prepare resins and mixtures of resins. We also develop special preparations on customer demand.

Naval / Railway

Laminates and Pre-Pregs used in naval and railway industry


Fabrics and Prepregs for technical and sports applications